My first dog was a beautiful Fawn Great Dane bred by Ray Goldstone (Paquestone Reg'd Great Danes). Her name was Gem, Ch.Paquestone's 24 Karat Gold. She taught me a lot. She had 2 beautiful litters for me, and I kept a daughter from each. Envy, Ch.Paquestone's Utterly InStyle and Ripley, InStyle's Believe It Or Not. As much as I loved the danes, the heartaches that came with a giant dog were devastating. So I made the hard decision to stop breeding them. Photo to the right is Gem and I.

Thank you to Carleigh Babiak Photography for the great family photo!

For work, it has nearly always been pet related (minus a first real job as a burger flipper at A&W, and another stint as a truck driver!) I have worked as a vet tech for 5 years, a groomer for 18 years and a Boarding kennel manager/owner for 12 years.

Our home consists of David, Jorja, Scarlett and myself. We live on 80 acres at a place called Fox Run Ranch in Manitoba. We share our home with our beloved terriers, horses (both draft and miniatures), cats, cows, pigs and chickens. Our property is protected by Ratchet, Elvisa's More Than Meets the Eye, a young Rottweiler who I am excited to show in the future, as well as 2 Australian Cattle Dogs, Prowl and Blurr. I am a full time mom. I do grooming, boarding and photography as well as helping people transform their lives (weight loss, energy and financial freedom).

Far left photo is myself and our sheltie, Missy.

Middle photo is Jib and Omega.

Far right phot is Margaret, Myself and Zena, a Doberman I was training at a match show (practice show).

About Jaime

The owner of InStyle Smooth Fox Terriers and InStyle Pet Center

I got my start in dogs from attending agility, flyball and obedience classes with my mother, Janet, and our two loveable family dogs, Omega (Saint Bernard/Labrador) and Jib (Parson Russell).  From there a friend asked me to take her dog into the conformation class at our local dog training club and I was happy to oblige. There I met Margaret Lehmann (Bartland Weimaraners). She took me under her wing and taught me so much. I soon learned that I loved conformation dog shows. Each breed has a set standard that they should look like, and a dog show has judges who evaluate the dogs according to their standards. I would take many different breeds in from teeny tiny Toy dogs to Giant Mastiffs, and I loved it all. A few people that really helped my over the years in learning this trade were Mary Ellen Whyte (Bianca GSP), Gerri Shurb (Professional Handler) and Beth Hilborn (Professional Handler). There are really too many to mention, and I learned so much from so many people. I am forever grateful to everyone who helped me along the way.  I worked as a professional Handler and travelled around North America. I thank all the owners who sent their beautiful dogs to me.

A few fun photos of the gang. Left is Envy, Ryder, Tizer, Silas, Fatal, Scissors, Vodka, Roman and Ripley.

Right is, backrow: Ripley, Hunter, Envy, front row: Scissors, Vodka and their mom, Tizer.

Thank you to Carleigh Babiak Photograghy for the wonderful headshot and the adventure we had getting it!