InStyle Pet Center


Kennel Pricing
~ 1 dog in one kennel: $17.00/day
~ 2 dogs in one kennel: $27.00/day
~ 3 dogs in one kennel (small dogs only): $32.00

Exercise add-ons:
Play Yard Romp: $3.00/day/dog
Leashed Walks: $6.00/day/dog

*Aggressive/very difficult dogs will be $25.00/day/dog and must be kenneled alone.

~ 1 cat in one kennel: $12.00/day
~ 2 cats in one kennel: $22.00/day
~ 3 cats in one kennel: $27.00

Local (Town of Killarney) Pick-up and Delivery may be available for a $10.00 charge for grooming/boarding

All prices are subject to change

Each dog will have a private indoor pen, with a door that leads to their own outside area. Each pen is cleaned at least twice daily (am and pm) and on an as needed basis. I have managed/owned a boarding kennel for 12 years, and I enjoy being your pet's home away from home.

We do ask that you bring your pet's own food to minimize stomach upsets. Please label the bag with your pet's name and your last name as well as any feeding instructions. Please no bones of any variety.

We encourage you to bring toys/beds for your pets. Please only bring beds that can be easily laundered (blankets etc). Please note that some pets will be destructive in a kennel environment so may chew/wreck their bed/toys. The kennel will not be responsible for the items.

All pets must be current on their Vaccinations, Proof will be required. Including Bordetella.

Photos will be added as renovations are made.