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Earthdog Demonstration

Watch for InStyle to show the Brandon Pet Fair what Earthdog is all about! May 7th and 8th.


Jaime Lewers

Box 437 

Killarney, Manitoba, Canada

R0K 1G0



Welcome to the online presence of InStyle Reg'd Smooth Fox Terriers and InStyle Pet Center. Here you will be able to see my dogs, from the past dogs who got us where we are today, to present stars and to our future, with upcoming litters.

I will also be building my Pet Center Pages with information and photos as progress happens there. We plan to be up and running in June 2016 for Boarding, Grooming, Training and Photography.

*** Please note the site is being renovated and more will be added as free time allows ***

Coming from only the finest of bloodlines, we breed and train our beloved companions to be the champions that they are. With careful attention paid to the heritage of our dogs, we ensure the finest qualities are bred into our Smooth Fox Terriers. Then, in addition to Conformation Dog Shows, we train and trial in Rally Obedience, Earthdog and Agility. We hope to add a type of Lure Coursing to the list this summer.


Please call between the hours of 10:00am and 6:00pm CST

~InStyle Pet Center and Quality SFT~


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Litter 6.1 arrives!

A co-bred litter between Fancithat Kennels, arrived with 4 boys and 2 girls. Sire is "Blake" and dam is "Rysk".